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Q. Can you drive a car to an MOT if it isn't taxed?

A. Yes, if the appointment is pre-booked and the vehicle is insured. You need an MOT before you can tax a vehicle, so if the MOT has expired you need to be able to get it to an MOT test centre. You should go by the most direct route (i.e. not stop off to do the shopping on the way) and ideally the MOT station should be local to you.


Q. Will my car fail an MOT because the front fog lights don’t work? 

A. No. Front fogs are not part of the MOT and are not checked. The rear fog light must be in working order however

Q. Do you need to take your vehicle registration document (also known as V5 or Log book) for an MOT?

A. It’s not essential, however it can be useful if there is a mistake in the DVLA records. It could save you a trip home and back to the MOT test centre again. However, for safety you may want to take a copy rather than leaving the registration document for the car in the hands of someone you don’t know.


Q. Do the front and rear tyres have to be the same size to pass an MOT?

A. No. The front pair need to be the same size and the rear pair need to be the same size but they can differ from front to back.


Q. Should I MOT my car before selling it?

A. It’s not essential but probably worthwhile if there is very little left on it (for example, less than 3 months). It will give a potential buyers piece of mind and you may get more money for the car as a result.


Q. My car has failed its MOT, can I still drive it?

A. It depends. If the old MOT is still valid, you may continue to drive until the expiry date of the existing MOT as long as the car as long as it is road worthy. The car must obviously be taxed and insured too.


Q. The rear wiper on my car doesn't work, will it fail the MOT test?

A. No. The rear wiper is not checked as part of the MOT.


Q. How soon before the expiry date can a car be taken for an MOT?

A. You can take the car any time you wish for an MOT. If it is taken over a month in advance of expiry, the new MOT can be issued for 13 months instead of 12 months if you take the old MOT certificate with you.


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